Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Apples, Apples & More Apples

Grow 'N' Share would like to thank homeowner Robert for sharing his big, beautiful apples with us! They're crisp and tart and we're wishing we knew the variety!

We're unsure of the variety... Battleford, maybe?
Volunteers this week harvested over 222 pounds of delicious apples that will go on to become apple sauce, crisps, juice and nourishment for people in need! It's amazing how fast an apple tree gets picked when a group of volunteers comes together.

Rebecca in the foreground and our nimble 'monkey' Sarah way up the tree in the back.
If you're interested in apples, but are unsure about going up a ladder, rest assured there are plenty of other jobs available onsite besides climbing trees to the top like our Sarah. Ladders need to be held, buckets of apples need to be passed down from up high, and the ground needs to be cleared of fallen apples and debris.

We hope you'll come out to join us at our next picking!

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